Silent to Listen

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One of the most important principles I have learned about life is conscious communication. It is exactly what it means, to be conscious while you are communicating. I have learned that when you listen to someone else talk, it takes a great deal of silence, patience, and empathy. To talk to someone takes a great deal of courage, confidence, and empathy. Both to listen and to talk require empathy. To care and be mindful of what you say and hear are the keys to conscious communication.

When I was studying the practice of yoga at Kripalu Health and Wellness Center, I learned the meaning of conscious communication. We would practice with one another and listen for five minutes with no feedback just listening and taking it all in. Then we would clearly state what we heard that person say. It’s funny that five minutes is a lot of time to take in what someone has to say. I learned the empathy it would require to listen as I remained silent. You could tell that the person appreciated if you could clearly stated what they were saying.

Five steps to conscious communication are to make an appointment, talk and listen, mirror what was said, validate if it was correct, and empathize. The appointment is the commitment to talk or listen. To mirror what was said as the listener is to state, “What I heard you say was…” then the talker can validate if they heard it correctly. The last step is to empathize as the talker and the listener. Empathy is the connection to understand one another.

Silent and listen are spelled with the exact same letters. To be silent is to truly listen. I believe silence is a truly magical state of being. To be silent is to be on a certain level of conscious awareness. Silence is the practice of absorbing your surroundings. To absorb is a meditation in itself. The process of conscious communication is a constant practice like all parts of life. Once we learn the beauty of conscious communication we are see and hear one another more clearly, then lead to love more dearly.

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