Running on Autopilot

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Life can get hectic and crazy. We sometimes find ourselves running on autopilot throughout the day. It is the moments like these that make us aware to life. We become aware that we are just moving with this automatic shift. This happens in driving, work, and life itself. How can we switch our engines back to manual? What can we do to take control of our lives? We can manage.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be the one in charge of your life? We look at managers and bosses as something that is ‘above’ our position. Work is a part of life. We need to work in order to survive. We spend the majority of our lives working. That is why we need to pursue careers that can become a lifestyle. We always will have mentors in our lives and at work. These work positions are necessary for organization. Even if we do not own the company or manage the team, we are the managers of our life.

You are the one who runs your own show. This grand production of existence. We are conditioned by society to do life ‘a certain way’ and this prevents individual imagination. You were created by your parents, sure; but you create your life from the second you take your first breath of air at birth. You were born with a unique personality. You are your own individual. Life becomes more fun when we each embrace our individuality. Through this motion of autopilot, how can we step outside the lane in order to build new roads?

We are the GPS of ourselves so we direct the speed and motion in which we move. We have a choice to be the captain of the ship. The route might give you one way but that does not mean you cannot veer off the path and trust your own decisions. Next time you feel that your body is functioning on autopilot just try to focus on what you are doing in that present moment. Where is your attention with that of which you are focused on?

Once you bring awareness to what action you are focusing on, you are able to complete that task with full attention. It is necessary to be within the present moment to focus on priorities. The moment at which you feel distracted from the focus on the present moment is the time at which you are running on autopilot. Take in the awareness and then bring yourself into the present awareness. You will then begin to drive your engine manually and with complete awareness.

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