Ride the Wave

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Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. We experience the best and the worst. The best moments build us to become happier and the worst build us to become stronger. Life is unpredictable in its most natural form. Life can be best compared to the ocean. When the wind picks up large waves are created and when there is no wind the ocean is still and silent. We are the surfers or wave riders of life. How can we stay on our boards and enjoy the large and small waves in this ocean of life?

I first came across this saying “ride the wave” at Kripalu Health and Wellness Center in Stockbridge, MA. While I was in the intensive teacher training program, I learned the true meaning of riding the wave. Living on campus during my 200 hour training program, I found time to meet my Self. I found that I had very good days and really bad days. Living there for a month felt like a lifetime of experience. There is something truly magical about Kripalu. I highly recommend their teacher training program or at least a weekend retreat. The food was all organic and mostly vegetarian and vegan options.

This idea of riding the wave is accepting everything life throws at you, good or bad. Always trust that even if it is a bad day there will soon be a good day to come. We are the surfers of life. We have the choice to jump on the incoming wave and ride it all the way through. We also have the choice to let that wave pass and jump on the next. Either way we must experience jumping on a wave and riding it. If you hesitate, you miss out on the opportunity. Same goes for hesitating while riding the wave because you will fall off if not careful!

We can find our balance on our surfboards by accepting the unexpected. If there is a turn of direction we must embrace the new direction. Ride the wave by putting every ounce of yourself into everything you do in life. You will never regret riding the wave all the way through. If you don’t you will always wonder in the back of your mind what it would’ve been like. If you live life with the best intentions for yourself and other people around you there is nothing to lose. By committing to riding the wave you are committing to new experiences.

New experiences are what make life fun and exciting. To live an easy life feels safe but it is not natural. We tend to stay in comfortable lifestyles in order to be “safe” but it is unnatural. Not to be morbid but we all know what happens in the end is the same for everyone. Enjoy life while you have one! Ride the wave of life. Ride the gigantic scary waves and let life surprise you. Also embrace the calm moments with ease and gratitude, for we know the wind will soon pick up again and keep life interesting for us! As long as we ride the wave, we will grow and prosper in every aspect of our lives.

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