Relax and Restore

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Restorative yoga is the ultimate practice of relaxation. A yoga teacher changes roles from instructing to becoming the caregiver. Restorative yoga is the master of props. During a restore class, you grab a couple blankets, blocks, bolsters, a strap, and a couple of sandbags. The postures used in restorative are held for five to ten minutes and are meant for deep relaxation. You will leave restorative yoga feeling as if you have melted into the loving light being that you are!

A posture that is used during a restore yoga class is supported child’s pose. This uses two bolsters, one horizontal then placing the other bolster vertical resting on the first. Place a blanket underneath the knees for extra support. You want to straddle the vertical bolster and rest your front body onto it. This sensation of hugging in the warmth and light of your soul. This is the ultimate child’s pose as it completely supports your hug. A feeling of unconditional love or infinite warm is something you may experience from supported child’s pose.

The next posture used in restorative yoga is a lateral twist. Keep the bolsters in the same location used in supported child’s pose. This time you will bend both knees onto one side in a side saddle posture. You can place a folded blanket in between your legs for knee support. This time as you rest your front body onto the bolters you want to turn your head the opposite direction of your knees. After a few minutes on one side, switch and repeat in the opposite direction.

Another posture used in restorative yoga is legs up the wall. I do this pose all of the time at home. All you need is a blanket and a comfortable ground or mat. Scoot your sits bones all the way to the edge of the wall. Wrap your legs into the blanket and extend them up the wall. Arms can rest along sides. Stay here with the legs extended up the wall for a few minutes. Notice the weight that is lifted off of the lower body. This is a great posture for blood circulation and to relieve tension in the lower body. Embrace this angle in this legs up the wall posture. To come down just slowly walk the legs down the wall and hug the knees into the chest. Release and feel the sensations.

Notice what you feel when you practice restorative yoga. This sense of safety and security that you have created within your sacred place is the goal of restorative yoga. You have used your light energy to heal and regenerate your physical, mental, and spiritual body. This is a great way to end a long week or even to start off fresh for a new week. I wish you all the comfort and safety that restorative yoga creates for you!



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