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Prajna Yoga

The heart of this training is a study of the body-mind connection through yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, sensory sensitivity, and concentration practices. Prajna Yoga taps into the yoga teachings from a multitude of perspectives in order to provide the student with a vast and rich body of knowledge.The training in Prajna Yoga is not only for students who wish to teach yoga, but for those who wish to go on retreat in the mountains of Santa Fe, NM, and deepen their own practice.Prajna Yoga covers abundant detail on the techniques related to asana training. Tias Little is the primary instructor and his approach is unique for the way he combines anatomy and yoga. Tias teaches living anatomy, that is, he combines the study of the body’s joints, organs, muscles, and connective tissue with the experience of aligning and articulating within each pose. Tias and his wife Surya co-lead the asana classes together. The asana practice is dynamic and bone-building while at the same time contemplative and rejuvenating.Throughout the program, students are invited to discover new associations within the yoga practice. Students are inspired to practice and to teach yoga with creativity, adaptability, and metaphorical imagination. The Prajna Yoga program empowers students to tap into their own inner potential in order to teach yoga from a place of their greatest strength.

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11 Toltec Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone: (505) 690-9779
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