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My teacher is about a half hour away and sometimes my schedule is so jammed I really need a practice and can’t make it there. On average the hour long commute there and back, the 75 minute class and a bit of time before and after turns out to be a three hour chunk of my day.

I was really excited about this new online service called Yogaglo that streams yoga classes to your computer from a studio in California. The way the video is shot, it looks like you are at the back of an actual class. As soon as it launched I signed up, and started watching classes. I was able to do a few classes but found it hard to hear many of the videos. With my speakers cranked to full volume, I could barely hear the instructor. I still gave it a good try and did a few more. The level of information was great and I learned a lot. Eventually I found that I was not using it, so I cancelled after six months. If I can route the video to my TV I will consider rejoining. I’ll have to get that laptop sooner.

The fee is $18.00 per month, the cost of one drop in class at a local studio. I highly recommend that everyone give their free two week trial a go around. You can’t tell if this is for you unless you do it. Make sure you cancel it before the two weeks are up if you decide to pitch it. They will charge you for a full month otherwise.


  • New classes added daily.
  • Wide array of styles, lengths, levels of difficulty and teachers to suit your needs. This is actually an amazing cornucopia of yoga to choose from.
  • It’s affordable and convenient, if you can practice at home.
  • Loved the information on arm balances, really improved my form with the guidance given.
  • If visiting California, you can take a class at the studio for free, and serve as a participant on the video of the class that you attend. If this freaks you out, you can always scoot to the edge of the room.


  • For those with a desktop pc, it may be difficult to practice next to a computer, got this feedback from my sister too.
  • The volume did not project enough to hear well over the computer.
  • Some videos pause and stopped, I updated my software that took care of the problem.
  • Some classes and workshops are an additional fee.
  • It is difficult for me to practice at home for a myriad of reasons (dogs, phone, I missed the energy exchange with other students and adjustments from teachers).


Tricia is a suburban Detroiter, health and wellness supporter and founder of Chakra Chic LLC.   A yoga teacher, mad scientist foodie, counselor and blogger; she shares her love and light with those who don’t even know that they need it. Her classes are built around an exploration of the deeper meaning of the connection that we have to ourselves, are laced with loving kindness and encourage truthfulness. When she isn’t teaching yoga, practicing yoga, or caring for her family, she is concocting in the kitchen, attempts to garden, develops content for her website,  reads and cherishes time with great friends.  You can find Tricia on Facebook, or on her website .

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