Personal Freedom

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What does it mean to be free? Freedom is the absence of physical or mental restraint. It is also the absence of necessity. United States is the land of the free. We live in a democratic state of government where the people have a choice or vote. We have a choice or vote within our lives as well. We can choose to live in a free state of mind. Bob Marley sings that you can free yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind. What is freedom to you?

I believe freedom comes from within. There are so many aspects of the external world that we cannot control. Rather than spending time thinking of all the restraints within society, we can bring our focus more on internal freedom. To be free is to think, feel, smell, taste, breathe, smile, laugh, cry, run, and skip the way you want to! We are blessed that no one controls our mind more than we can control it ourselves. If we want to be happy, we have the freedom to be happy.

We have the freedom to realize the abundance of internal freedom we hold within ourselves. We control our emotions and feelings. It is our ownership of ourselves and restraints that we place on ourselves that prevent us from being truly free. When we take ownership and responsibility for ourselves, we seek the true freedom life has to offer us. Freedom is you unleashing yourself! You can choose to open the door to personal freedom.

Once we unlock the door to personal freedom, we truly understand the meaning to be free. We learn that life is limitless when we believe within ourselves. Many people find themselves feeling insecure or a low self-esteem. Everyone experiences insecurity within their lives, it is normal. When we take ownership of our own personal freedom, we have the choice to throw away those insecurities and restraints. We choose our own internal freedom.

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