Passing Gas in Class… It Happens

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Passing gas while in Downward Dog is totally normal, so don’t sweat it! Think of it this way, you’re twisting and bending your body in ways that are totally conducive to dropping out some base sounds. Once again, its totally expected and okay!

So now the damage has been done, and now you have to make a very important decision. Do you own up to it or do you ignore the happening all together? Here’s the breakdown. If the class is loose and casual and the crowd seems fun, take ownership and make a comical apology. On the flip side, if the tone of the room is serious and the teacher seems a tad reserved, completely ignore the mishap. Go on with the class as if nothing happened at all.

Either route you take will be fine. Just remember, this is not a big deal at all. I hope this heads-up was helpful.

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