One Degree Shift

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A one degree shift is a baby step. That first step that a baby takes is a huge impact on its life. That one little step is what leads to a future of many steps. Those future steps only happen because of that first initial step forward. What if we can make a one degree shift in our lives? That one degree shift can be an objective to smile once a day. If you look back in history, think about events that have happened and have lead to change the way things are today.

A one degree shift I have made in my life lately is to drink more water. Drinking an extra 16 oz of water each day has changed the way my body functions. This small step has lead me to feel more hydrated throughout the day. I no longer experience headaches from feeling dehydrated and I notice how thankful I am to have fresh water. This one degree shift that I have made in my life will impact how my body functions now and in the future.

One degree shift can be the tiniest thing yet it can make the biggest impact in your life. This one degree shift might be starting your day with a positive affirmation saying, “I love myself and approve of myself.” This statement becomes true for you in your life. This small shift of proposing a daily affirmation can lead to a very loving and abundant life!

You have to make decisions in life. Your decision is up to you and it is your choice. Obviously, there are things in life that we don’t choose to happen. The Divinity of Mother Nature is not fully understood. We do know who we are for the most part. We can feel it. Your intuition is always guiding your decision. Trust that you are a part of this Universe. You are a one degree shift.

Ask yourself, what can I slightly shift in my life to support my intentions. A shift in perspective can make a huge difference in the future. A shift toward gratitude for this life. A shift can be a single word like ‘love’ for example. Seek your intentions in life situations. Your intuition is always guiding you so stay open-minded and bright-eyed. Always remember, you have a choice. Choose happiness, love, or adventure!

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