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We are all busy and trying to squeeze a yoga class into our day isn’t always an option. Luckily for us we have tons of on-demand options in these on-demand times. I will never say that the experience you get from a class can be dismissed for that of a video, but I can say that a good video can give you an excellent session. One night while surfing for something to watch on TV, I stumbled upon Exercise on Demand. The channel was loaded with tons of videos that feature all styles and levels of yoga.

Is commercial and ad free which makes getting into your session super easy. They also feature tons of extra videos for the mind and body. This was such a great find because they offered specialty classes such as Yoga For Runners, Yoga For Men, and Yoga.Sculpt. And best of all it was free!

I can access these sweet finds through Time Warner Cable, I’m sure that many other cable companies would be offering the same concept. If you can’t swing by a class, check this out. It’s a great find for the yogi-on-the-go.

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