Oh Ego…

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Einstein created an equation to describe the ego, ego=1/knowledge. He quoted, “More the knowledge, lesser the ego. More the ego, lesser the knowledge.” The idea of ‘the ego’ is the ‘I’ or self and its experience or reaction to the outside world. Many people have called someone an egomaniac for being self righteous, narcissistic, or cocky. The idea of the ego is how we ‘judge’ or look at ourselves as a human being. It is true that everyone holds an ego within them. We have a choice to allow this ego to run our lives or we take control of the ego ourselves.

In today’s society, we tend to look at success as material wealth. Society uses the idea of money or job security to fuel the ego. In this case, it might seem as if the ego is being controlled by the personal success but it is actually the contrary. The personal success is driven from material wealth in most cases. We are all guilty in one way or the other of allowing the ego to run our lives at some point. How can we find a balance as a society to control our egos and seek success from within?

The ego gets a bad reputation of being a negative part of the self. I don’t believe that the ego is necessarily a bad thing. I think that we can learn how to control our egos to find success and happiness within ourselves. As long as we do not allow the ego to define who we are, we have the freedom to play with this ego and find balance from internal happiness. I believe that if we change our perspective about the outside world around us, our ego will start to observe life differently. The ego is merely a reflection of outside situations in society that we witness within our lives.

If we can allow ourselves to shift the perspective of success and happiness from outside societal forces to internal success and happiness, our egos would view the world differently. Our personal perspective of this world and society begins with the individual self. We can shift the perspective to personal and internal success through accepting who we are and owning that acceptance. The more comfortable we feel within our own skin, the less ego we will naturally hold. I feel that the ego is there as ‘protection’ from judgement of self and judgement from others. We need to start observing ourselves and others without judgement, therefore this will lessen the grip of the ego on our lives.

Acceptance is key to personal success and happiness. Allow yourself to seek internal happiness through self care and self love. Success is not only material wealth, success can simply just be happiness. Some of the richest billionaires in the world are unhappy. Sure, they can have ‘everything’ they want but they will admit that money cannot buy happiness. If you ask anyone in this world what they seek most, it is happiness. Love yourself. Accept yourself. Seek success through individual happiness and allow the rest to fall into place!

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