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Nydia’s Yoga Therapy

Therapeutic yoga conditioning at Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio: Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio offers specialized yoga programs designed for individuals interested in beginning or continuing on the path to greater learning of hatha yoga. Our classes are influenced by Ashtanga, Iyengar, flow, Power, basic hatha and Anusara yoga, as well as Nydia’s 20 years of core conditioning and physical therapy preventative approach to fitness. Our specialized approach to yoga practice emphasizes that “muscles may get tired, but joints should never hurt.” We believe that yoga should feel good and leave a body feeling relaxed and ready for maximal functioning.Nydia’s Yoga Therapy offers qualified instructors that are experienced in providing effective instruction that will give the yoga student the opportunity to quiet the mind, to begin listening to the body, and learn more about the healing qualities of yoga. We encourage students to work at their own pace in classes and will safely assist the student, as necessary, to promote improved mobility/stability in the yoga postures.At Nydia’s Yoga Therapy Studio, the focus of the practice is on using the breath to connect with the body and on being present in the moment. The practice will build core strength and stability within the trunk and greater mobility within the extremities, spine, and pelvis. The student will have the opportunity to learn about the connection between the physical and spiritual self, and become actively involved in the prevention of conditions that are precipitated by inactivity and reduced pelvic and spinal mobility.

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4680 Lockhill Selma,
Ste. B
San Antonio, TX 78249

Phone: (210) 764-1616
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