New Day Yoga: Yoga From a Christian Perspective

Kennesaw, GA

New Day Yoga: Yoga From a Christian Perspective

At New Day Yoga, we use asana, pranayama, and centering prayer to lead people toward a fuller life in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, renewed in mind, and strengthened in body. A healthy body and mind are two of the greatest gifts from God that a believer can have. The body is the very temple of God. To be good stewards of this holy vessel is an honor and a privilege. Yoga done from a Christian perspective expresses gratitude for this gift of health and helps one to develop a lifestyle of purpose and wholeness. While strengthening the joints, muscles, and bones in rhythm with the breath, we incorporate our Christian faith and meditate on the truth of Christ. Meditating on His truth fortifies our faith in His love and provision for us, freeing us from all fear, worry, and anxiety of the heart and mind. Practicing yoga in this way then becomes an opportunity to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We find ourselves working together with Christ in the process of our transformation into His very image (2 Co. 3:18).We offer weekly classes, workshops, retreats, and 200-hour yoga teacher training. All of our classes are registered with Yoga Alliance.

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2716 Bent Creek Dr
Kennesaw, GA 30152

Phone: (678) 354-1120
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