Never Give Up

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There are times in life when you feel you have had enough. Enough struggle, enough suffering, enough work, enough sorrow, enough giving, enough rejection, just enough of anything that consumes us. We all have these moments. There are times that we feel like giving up. It seems easy to give up, seems like everything will just go away when we give up. If we give up, we miss out on what could have been. What if we just stayed strong and struggled through a little longer? My only advice is to find something to be grateful for, there is always something.

I have found myself at moments like these many of times throughout my life. Moments that I just want to give up. I question why I have been dealt a certain deck in this life. Life is a struggle, life is a game of suffering and sorrow at times. When I feel overwhelmed with things going on in my life, I force myself to think instead about gratitude. There are many things in my life that I am grateful for. The number one that always comes to mind in times of struggle is my younger brother.

My brother is my rock in my life. He is my motivation to be strong and trust that the Universe will bless me in the end. I think about how hard he pushes through the frustrations of life overcoming Epilepsy and bullying. He is the brightest light I will ever know. I think about him when I am feeling down or struggling with life. It is amazing to me how quickly my mood will change when I realize how grateful I am for him. He makes me so grateful for who I am the way he looks up to me for advice and help with life.

We are all human beings. It is natural to accept that we feel worn out and tired at times. It is normal to accept that sometimes you just don’t feel alright. It is okay to not always feel alright. When you are able to accept the bad times and embrace them the same way you do with the good times, you will become a more balanced person. I appreciate you reading this. I am grateful to be alive. Never, never give up. Thank you for being.

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