Naked Yoga

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Grossed out? Don’t be! This is a beautiful thing! I held the first ever successful women’s naked yoga class in Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. 29 women attended ranging from the ages of 21-63. Together we entered into my studio, disrobed and hit our mats, naked as could be. The focus was to love our bodies just as they are – not to be ashamed or to try and cover them up with fancy yoga wear, simply acceptance. Ladies left with a new confidence and power – this 90 minute class not only changed the lives of the attendees, but reached out to the amazing people of Africa – we raised nearly $600 for the Africa Yoga Project! Next up is a Naked Yoga Retreat for women, held at Peace Retreat Center – the newest Yoga Retreat & Wellness Center in Costa Rica! For more great retreats, teacher trainings, ayurveda trainings & surf camps – check out

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