My Yoga Beginning

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It looked like I had it all, a wonderful husband, two amazing sons and a big beautiful house. Inside I was a workaholic, who was stressed out and scared of change. That all ended in April of 2010, when I was laid off.

Instead of fearing change, I decided to embrace it. First step, get fit. Begin unemployed funds are low, so I searched for free or inexpensive forms of exercise. I found that many local yoga studios offer beginners a free class to get their toes wet, so to speak, and some offer a weekly community (read free) class. One free yoga class and I was hooked! I was also lucky enough to find a studio where volunteering (doing miscellaneous tasks) is rewarded with free yoga classes (

My passion for yoga has led me to many new experiences and a greater spirituality. Instead of avoiding new experiences, I now seek them out. In approximately one year my new experiences include a yoga/mediation retreat, practicing at a Buddhist center, taking a Ti Chi class (reminding me of a cross between ballet and mime), Pilates classes, skydiving, hiking (a new hobby picked up at the yoga/meditation retreat) and taking almost every form of yoga class known (chair yoga anyone). I will be sharing these new yoga experiences with you in this blog. See you next time.

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