My Thoughts on the Manduka PROlite Mat

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When I started practicing yoga, I assumed like most physical endeavors in my life it would be short lived. Naturally, I bought the most adorable, yet modestly priced mat possible from the local Target and strolled into class with the confidence of knowing that my eyes would totally pop up against this green beauty.

Anyway, oddly enough I stuck with yoga and soon after learned that although my yoga mat was dashing, it did not offer much more. Upon scanning the room and checking out the mats that my fellow students were sporting, I saw a common theme, Manduka was the most common mat used.

I got home and Googled, and my findings were intense. Who would have thought that Manduka would offer so much more than just color options? I hadn’t realized they also would have varied thicknesses and styles. I ended up going with the middle of the road Manduka PROlite. It was reasonably priced and came in green, so a huge win-win situation.

Manduka makes eco-friendly mats that are zero-waste and that feature a Lifetime Guarantee. The first time I stepped on the PROlite I could feel a HUGE difference. It was so much more comfortable and supportive. The mat is slip resistant, which is great for a sweaty hot-mess like myself and also doesn’t get sticky.

If you are seeking a new mat and are open to trying something fabulous, I would go ahead and give the Manduka PROlite a go. It is truly something wonderful.

The Manduka PROlite receives TWO ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS UP!

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