My Super-Human(ish) Yogi Body

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Have you ever been doing something and thought, this would not be possible if I weren’t a yogi? Yes… No… Maybe?Well it happens to me all of the time and I wanted to share a few of these aha moments with you.

Washing Dogs

I washed my dog in the shower the other day. Not a big deal, but 45 minutes of being bent over, practically in Ardha Uttanasana, or Standing Half Forward Bend it hit me that without yoga my neck and back would have been killing me.

Vehicular Reaching

I drive a small car and often use the backseat as storage for pretty much everything such as soon-to-be recycled goods, clothing, and even my yoga gear. Normally I would need to actually turn my body and reach into the back seat to find whatever random thing I needed, well not any longer. I caught myself facing forward and reaching behind me with ease. I will give this new found super-ability to Dhanurasana or Bow Pose. Using my arms behind my body has clearly made things much more reachable!

Acrobatic-like Ladder Climbing

I recently moved into an older home that needed some love. I am all about regular trips to the Home Depot and screening HGTV for tips, but I have never been about climbing ladders and extending my body into a zone of certain neck breakage. This seems to have changed. Normally, on a ladder I take a Weeble-Wobble like stance and wish for the best, but during a recent climb I realized I was stable and perfectly balanced. My body naturally knew exactly how to position itself. How could this be? I’m and going to say that my good friend Vrkasana or Tree Pose gave me this new talent.

Yoga has totally changed me for the better and given me borderline super-human abilities! Okay, granted none of these tasks were “super-human”, but they were pretty damn cool observations of my body’s growth. What has yoga done to send you into a fit of astonishment?

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