My Favorite Places to Yoga

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One of the most wonderful things about practicing yoga is that you can do it practically anywhere—in the comfort of your own home, sitting behind a desk, I’ve even been known to squeeze a little yoga practice in as I drive! With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to practice on the go, just download a podcast by your favorite teacher to your smart phone and—Voila!—yoga poses in your pocket!

So where are my favorite places to yoga?

1. My Living Room. I’m a control freak. And I like to be in charge of my yoga. (It’s kind of like how I’m really particular about the toilet paper going OVER the roll and not under.) When I’m practicing at home, I can hold my standing poses as long as I want, I can stop in the middle of a Sun Salutation and do a spontaneous handstand if I want, and when I feel like just lying there in Savasana I can do that, too.

2. The Great Outdoors. I can’t say that I practice outside very often. There are many things to consider before you unroll your mat in a park. At the top of my list—do I really want to put my sacred yoga mat down where a dog did his business yesterday? But on the occasions I’ve gotten over my neuroses to practice outside, it has been an amazing experience! Fresh air, cool breezes, sunshine—all of the sensations of being outdoors can really enhance the practice and bring you even more into the present!

3. On the Road. I have a love/hate relationship with traveling. I love experiencing new places, visiting old friends, and making new ones. But I hate the feeling of being stuck on a plane for hours and then being disoriented and unorganized when I get to my destination. Yoga helps me to get grounded. When I travel my yoga sometimes isn’t much more than sitting with my eyes closed focused on my breath for a few minutes in the mornings, but it’s my saving grace.

4. At Work. My practice grew and changed SO much during the time I had access to yoga during my workday. (Seriously, employers, think about how happier your workers will be and as a result more productive!) But since that’s not a reality for most of us, there’s no reason you can’t slip away and do a little yoga on your own. If you have an office of your own, close the door and get to it! No one will ever know.

5. A Studio. Call me old-fashioned, but my favorite place to practice yoga is still a yoga studio. There’s just something about being in the presence of a group of people interested in bettering themselves in one way or another that makes me feel hopeful, even giddy, about the world. And getting that individual attention from a seasoned teacher is often the only way to step your practice up to a new level.

I’d love to hear about your favorite places to practice yoga. Comment below!

Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga practitioner in Charleston, SC. Visit her blog, Spoiledyogi, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.

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