MUSIC + YOGA … and DJs?!

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Music. Most will agree that music plays a significant place in our lives. From the spontaneous sounds of nature to the orchestrated beats of man-made compositions. Music is emotional, can change our mood, can lighten our spirits, can make us move, or make us cry.

Most people agree that music is special and beautiful. But music in a yoga class? This is where opinions differ. Many teachers in very traditional disciplines prefer the sound of the ujjayhi breath to be the only “music” playing during asana practice.

But more and more, it seems that teachers and students alike are not only playing music in yoga classes, but making well thought-out mixes, and even inviting DJs to join the practice. Yoga DJs are gaining notoriety around the globe, usually yogis themselves, they understand the flow of the class, and spin the beats accordingly.

Yoga DJ HyFi is currently on a spring tour around the US, stopping at studios like Yogamaya in New York City and the Flow Yoga Center in Washington DC.

I was able to participate in a “DJ Power Party” a few months ago with Mark White of M Body Yoga in Neptune Beach, FL. It was quite a fun experience. Not only do I love dancing and finding out where my favorite DJs are performing, I also love yoga. So the combination of letting loose a bit and putting these two loves together was something I hope to experience again (maybe even help organizing a DJ yoga party of my own)!

What do you think? Does music have a place in a yoga class? What music do you prefer? Would you attend or have you attended a DJ yoga class?

Here’s a little video showing some clips of the M Body Yoga DJ Power Yoga Parties:

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