Music for the Soul

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Music is an incredible gift. From Mozart to modern day hip-hop, music impacts each and everyone of us. The way we experience different types of music and how each one affects our emotions. The way a song can remind you of a certain memory of your life. The way the vibrational frequency hits your eardrum and encourages you to get up and dance with it. This beautiful gift of music is the reason we are able to overcome hardships or celebrate joys in our lives. The way music connects us with each other. The beautiful moment when a piece of music serenades our soul. Music itself makes life worth living.

I find that when I listen to music I am able to access my creative being. I feel inspired by different types of music. I am listening to “Blackmill” on Pandora as I type this article right now because the sounds help me focus. Music makes me feel centered on what I am doing. I feel that music is a calming remedy. Even when you are at a crowded concert experiencing music with hundreds of other people, you will find you have your own individual perspective on the music. I also feel that when I’m running, music helps motivate me to keep going. Music is a fun way to pump yourself up with excitement for life!

As much as music is our own individual experience, it is still fun to use music as a way of connecting to others. It is such a good feeling when you meet someone and find that you both have similar tastes in music. You develop such a meaningful bond with this stranger just because you see that they view life very similar to the way you do, through music. Think about when you hear a romantic song such as “Clair De Lune” with a significant other and notice how it mends your relationship even tighter. Music takes our minds on an adventure through life. Ride the wave of these magical frequencies we call music!

There are vibrational frequencies that have been scientifically proven to heal us. These frequencies can be known as binaural beats. Binaural beats are two-toned frequencies of 530 Hz in the right ear and 520 Hz in the left ear. When you listen to these frequencies with headphones on, your brain perceives an illusion of a third tone known as the binaural beat. This is an excellent practice for your mind, body, and soul. You can listen to binaural beats on youtube and find different tones that are proven to calm, focus, balance, or ground you. Try them out for fun and see how it works for you!

Next time you play a song, bring your awareness to how it makes you feel. What are you thinking about in that moment? Like Eminem said, “Lose yourself in the music, the moment, you want it, never let it go..” you have to lose yourself to truly find yourself in life. Take advantage of this beautiful gift of music. Embrace where these vibrational frequencies take you in life. Embrace your imagination and create anything. Go and listen to one of your favorite songs! Take yourself on this magical adventure through life with music.

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