MPG Athletic Apparel – Cool styles and quality that won’t break the bank!

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I was asked to review some articles of clothing by MPG, a Canadian clothing company. Their story of how they got started is truly inspiring and their designers know how to accentuate the human body. I have had the pleasure of communicating with their staff and can say that they are really nice people! They also have guys clothes, which can be a challenge to find.

They sent me the following:

  • Trek Porcelain Bonded Fleece Performance Jacket ($90.00)
  • Volara Magenta Mesh Trimmed Strap Tank Top ($44.00)
  • Fleet Black Performance Racer Back Tank ($44.00)
  • Tandem Arabian Long Racer Back Sport Top ($44.00)
  • Revere Black/Magenta Low Rise Workout Pants ($56.00)
  • Stance Black Performance Capri Legging ($50.00)

On first glance, the prices are amazing, at least half of the cost of some competitors items. I gave them a through testing, subjecting them to multiple 75 minute hot vinyasa classes. They wicked away the sweat and stayed in place as I wringed my body into the most challenging asanas. They were easy to care for and look like new after multiple washes. I am not easy on my clothes and these have stood up to my busy days and nights, two kids and two dogs lifestyle.

I also wore them around town while doing errands and when I taught classes. I received a lot of compliments on the clothes style, appearance and colors. I have to admit, I really love this line. The fit and function surpass my expectations and the style and colors are fresh and lively.

Here are a few specifics:

· The fabric on the Tandem tank is buttery soft and breathable, by far my most favorite out of all my yoga clothes.

· The Low rise work out pant is very comfortable and easy to practice in as it moves with you as you flow.

· The Trek fleece has nice features including thumb holes and a longer tail to cover a little more back.

· The Stance Capri has a few spots of mesh that aid in cooling and ease compression at the waist and leg bands. Nice thoughtful touches. Very easy to practice in and feel light as a feather.

They can be reached at the MPG Sport Wesbiste just checked in and saw a 30% sale!!! Time to stock up!

Tricia is a suburban Detroiter, health and wellness supporter and founder of Chakra Chic LLC.   A yoga teacher, mad scientist foodie, counselor and blogger; she shares her love and light with those who don’t even know that they need it. Her classes are built around an exploration of the deeper meaning of the connection that we have to ourselves, are laced with loving kindness and encourage truthfulness. When she isn’t teaching yoga, practicing yoga, or caring for her family, she is concocting in the kitchen, attempts to garden, develops content for her website,  reads and cherishes time with great friends.  You can find Tricia on Facebook, or on her website .

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