Moving On – When You Outgrow Your Teacher

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Attachments are elements of our existence that we try to limit with our yoga practice. Emotions are deeply connected to those attachments and often fuel them. Hmm see a vicious circle forming?

As newer students we become comfortable with a certain teacher, we have our “spot” in their class and we can’t wait to see them and share the prana. We “need” them, trust them and may even fear other teachers as we know what to expect with our favorite. Then time goes by, our needs to grow or interest in the classes shifts and we begin to pull away. We may feel guilty for switching to a studio that has more class offerings, or daycare but our lives shift as well. It’s best to be honest with your teacher and share how your needs have shifted. Lately in some cases, a Groupon coupon for 25 classes for $25 may have snagged you and you love the new studio (your teacher will be happy that you are practicing more!). Whatever the case, growth is amazing but don’t leave the person who helped you on the path wondering if they did something wrong. They will understand, it may have happened to them too.

As teachers, we need to do our best to encourage people to grow and love them as they leave the nest. It’s natural to feel a little discouraged or disappointed that they are moving on, but look at the goodness that you have instilled in them and be proud to be a part of that expansiveness in potential. Reflecting on our emotional attachments is part of our practice of svadhyaya, be okay with your feelings and set them free.

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