Motivate Before and After

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We all know that working out and physical fitness make us feel better and look better. What we also know is the motivation it takes to get there. I mean to actually get to the gym or the studio in the first place! It is not always easy to motivate a workout to happen. Getting dressed, driving there, or even just lying the mat down in the living room takes some motivation, let’s be honest. So what do we do? We seek motivation and in return motivation seeks us.

What are some ways that we create motivation? Listening to music, positive affirmations, and goals that we set for ourselves to achieve. As humans, we naturally want to see results when we physically put the work and time into something. Take a picture of before and after, jot down the amount of time you put in along the way, and give yourself something for when the reward comes. When you have a goal set for yourself the journey becomes more of an adventure.

When I diet or β€œeat healthy” I find different types of recipes to try so that I can get the maximum taste satisfaction minus the calories and fat. I focus my week days around fruits, vegetables, and proteins. My daily intake during the week is in just that order. Fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and protein for dinner. Its really so simple when you focus on the three major necessities the rest just falls into the mix. Exception of snacking on carbs on the weekends. πŸ˜‰

This idea of using tools for motivation help us to reach our goals. The quote by Rumi, β€œSeek what is seeking you.” When we want things for ourself we start to manifest these intentions. These intentions are what bring us to realize that we are truly given what we ask for. Eat healthy, motivate, and have fun along the way. Motivate yourself before you go to the gym then motivate yourself after for the next goal down the road.

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