Micr-OM-anaged Monday

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Started the day off a little frazzled. I dropped the kids off at school, wishing them a magnificent Monday and noticed that I couldn’t find my wallet. I drove back home to look for the wallet, only to find it on the passenger side floor of the car; however, made it to my first yoga class on time. First class you ask? I believe I mentioned earlier that I am on an obsessive yoga journey.

The first yoga class was a Classical Yoga class at Yoga by Donation. Yoga by Donation is a donation based yoga instruction studio in Portsmouth, NH. It is a great studio. The instructor opened the class by reading a selection from the book Full Catastrophe Living by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I haven’t read the book (yet) but the section she read was very interesting. It spoke to stress and to the fact that everything in our lives (including our job, kids, marriage, mortgage, etc.) contributes to the full catastrophe that is our stress thus our life. I hit me in a strange way. It is certainly something to consider.

I had some time between my first and second yoga class, so I went to the gym and did some weights. I did the seated row, the shoulder press, tricep extension; leg extension, leg curl, ab curl and torso rotate. Okay, time for yoga.

My second yoga class was a Bikram (hot yoga) class at Bikram Yoga Portsmouth, also in Portsmouth, NH. It has been exactly twelve days since my last Bikram class (if you do Bikram yoga you understand what an accomplishment it is just to complete a class, thus why I know exactly how many days it has been – oh and did I mention I’m obsesive). I had a great class, I was on fire (both literally and figuratively). I nailed the Garurasana (Eagle Pose), which I have never fully done before. I’m wondering if maybe taking some time away from Bikram actually enhanced my practice. I felt good, but as usual I was dizzy after the camel pose (I am told this dizziness will go away at some point). As good as I felt the class went, after class I was kind of out of it. Usually once I step outside I have a feeling of exhilaration. Today, I had a dazed feeling that took about 30 minutes to shake off. I started the day a little frazzled and ended the day a little dazed, very unlike me.

The best news about all of this exercise is that I wasn’t hungry all day. Exercise really is an appetite suppressant (only while you are actually exercising, not so much later in the day). My afternoon ended with a trip to the library (another one of my passions), volunteering at Rasamaya Dover http://placestoyoga.com/dover-yoga-pilates/, and picking the kids up from school.

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