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Master Training Systems

Master Jeffrey J. Guiffre was certified in China as a teacher and disciple Dan Guang by Great Master Wang Pei Sheng (Yin Cheng) of Beijing. He is the first American disciple of Great Master Wang, continuing a direct teaching lineage of Great Masters from Yang Yu Ting, Wang Mao Zhai, and Quan You, the founder of the old and original Wu style Tai Ji Quan. He serves as chairman of Yin Cheng Xing Jian Zong Hui. He has been practicing and teaching Chinese meditative, healing, and martial arts since 1971. Grand Master Daniel K. Pai named him disciple “Bai Quan Li”; and tested and ranked him at the Fifth Higher Level (Master) in the White Dragon System of Inwards Kung-fu. He is a charter member of the Pai Lum Family Arts Society Board of Directors. He is experienced as a contestant, judge, and organizer, and was awarded for Distinguished Martial Arts, Outstanding Judging, and Outstanding Master’s Performance at National and International Chinese Kuoshu Federation Championships, and is an ICKF Lifetime Member. His programs have been the subject of news features on News Channel 5, Channel 12, in the Sun Sentinel, and the Palm Beach Post. Since 1990, he has conducted Master Training Systems’ proprietary Tai Chi Essentials courses for more than 30 communities and organizations in Palm Beach county, presented study-tours to Sausalito and Beijing, and taught over 2,000 adults of all levels to relax, energize, and balance with NeiGong, QiGong, and TaiJiQuan, the Super-Health Training of Ancient China.

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