Lino Miele, and Ashtanga Practice

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Before practicing I read in The book about Guruji (see below). This time I opened the chapter by Lino Miele, the Italian yogi.

Lino Miele reminded me that the breath is the most important ingredient of this practice, then the movement and to match the breathing with the movements. Focusing on the breath calms the mind.

Interesting was also what Lino Miele wrote about dristhis, page 370: “It has to do with directing the energy, moving the energy. I always felt that his (gurujis) teaching was subtle and he was always working on that focus of moving energy and directing your attention and focus to certain things.

My practice had focus this early afternoon. I tried to practice according to the correct vinyasa counting. When doing marichyasana C I hooked the fingers first, then when I inhaled the second time I grasped the wrist. This is a good approach.
For marichyasana D I need some more breaths.
As I didn’t take any breaks my body had developed a lot of heat. That’s why I was really bendy today.

I didn’t hesitate for a long time and pushed myself into urdhva dhanurasana, 3 times. Wow, that was it.
I set the timer for 2 min when I did sirsasana, but I couldn’t hold the pose so long. Why ever. It seemed so incredible long these two minutes. Next time it will be possible.

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