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New York, NY

Lila Yoga, Dharma & Wellness

Lila is a unique yoga and dharma center, hosting creative and innovative open yoga and meditation programs for the community in addition to Ma Yoga programs with a special focus on the birth cycle and parenting. Ma Yoga classes–fertility, prenatal, postpartum–create a community where women can form friendships that will sustain them in early motherhood and beyond. Ongoing yoga practice before, during, and after pregnancy builds flexibility and resilience, and helps women adapt to inner and outer changes of the pregnancy cycle. The intense demands of birthing and mothering require a practice that is strengthening as well as restorative to body and spirit. Ma Yoga creates an appropriate environment for the developing mother to connect and bond with her child deeply and intuitively. Yoga poses (asanas) specially designed for pregnancy cultivate the moment-to-moment awareness invaluable in coping with the intense sensations and discomforts of birthing and prepare the ground for mothering.Supportive breath work (pranayama) and freeing-of-the-voice exercises are tools that help women cope with the approaching intensity of labor and childbirth. A balanced spectrum of breathing, warm-ups, and asanas are included in each class. Ma Yoga includes practices to prepare for birth by meeting challenges and practicing surrender. Cultivating mindfulness and awareness in the moment and participating in a community of mothers to be, women can begin to prepare for this exciting transformation in life. Also: fertility yoga classes and fertility awareness workshops, prenatal yoga teacher trainings, massage, doulas, Buddhist meditation, arts, community.

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302 Bowery,
No. 2, 3rd Fl.
New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 254-2130
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