Life Happens with Interruption

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When we start our day we might have certain intentions or goals to accomplish. We find ourselves so focused on what we are doing and on a roll to completing our projects. All of the sudden, life happens and gives you an interruption. Life throws up a road closed sign and forces you to take a detour. This can be very frustrating distraction when you find yourself getting a lot accomplished with full focus. Next time you find yourself getting interrupted, try to accept that life sometimes just happens. What can you learn about yourself from this interruption?

When we get so caught up in our lives at work we tend to not focus on our personal health. We gain stress and anxiety about completing projects and running errands that we forget to take a second to breathe. When an interruption occurs, how can you use that break to check in with yourself? How did you handle the distraction? When we take a moment to be mindful about our
behavior we open doors to realization that this interruption can be a blessing in disguise.

This one time that I went a yoga class I truly learned what it meant to accept interruptions. We were all sitting in easy pose with our eyes closed during the few minutes at the beginning of class to center. Just as I was relaxing into my body and mind to meditate, someone accidently slammed the door on their way into the class late. My first initial thought was how rude I was just starting to zen into my moment. Then the instructor kindly asked us to notice the sounds of the door slamming and to accept any exterior noise. This was a lesson to learn how to calmly accept life as it is. I realized that I was a connected to those exterior sounds the same as I was connected to myself.

All things in life are connected in some way. Life takes us through many different turns and directions. Many of us are planners. We plan what we are going to do the next day, week, month, or year. It is good to have an idea of what you want out of life and what is going to be a happy and successful life to you, but flexibility is also important. Our plans change without our consent. We do not have full control of what happens outside of our body and mind and sometimes not even within! Welcome yourself to flexibility, welcome the idea that plans change and it could sometimes be for the better.

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