Let’s Talk Yoga Mats

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Yoga mats are an important tool for most practitioners. They provide cushioning and traction which can greatly benefit one’s experience. A lot of studios will provide mats on a rental basis, but with most mats being under $25 it a smart investment to purchase your own, even for the beginning student. The mat is also great helpful if you intend on practicing at home.

Yoga mats come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials. A standard size for most mats is 24” x 68”. A mat does not need to be too thick, but the more texture on it the less slip. Mats can be made from synthetic materials which keeps the cost down or from natural materials such as jute or rubber which can be reflected by a higher price. The trick to selecting your own mat is making sure that the style meets your needs and that the size is appropriate. A taller person will need a longer mat.

Mats can be purchased almost anywhere these days. I guess that’s a perk of an increasingly popular interest in yoga. Sporting good stores are a sure bet, but even pharmacies and discount stores are stocking them. As with most things, the Internet has proven itself to be a great tool for mat shopping. Don’t forget to check out your local yoga studios for their selection of mats as well, perhaps they will be having a great sale!

Once you have selected the mat that is right for you be sure to check out the support products that are offered such as mat cleaner and a carrying bag. These little things can keep your mat in great condition and make it easy to transport.

There are tons of great mats out there, so good luck and enjoy the process of finding the right mat for you.

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