Karma is a B…lessing

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We all know the phrase ‘what goes around comes back around’. This phrase is the perfect definition for Karma. Karma is the idea that one’s actions will be the fate of their future. This concept that what you give you shall receive. This gift can be positive and in turn you will receive positive effects. However some people tend to give evil and they choose their own fate for the future, good or bad.

Karma is a blessing. Can you remember back to a time when someone paid it forward to you and helped you? How did that make you feel? How did you pay it forward to someone else?

The idea of karma is that Golden Rule we all learned in Kindergarten, ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’. This simple concept of acting toward others with the same respect we would give to ourselves. Treat someone as you would like to be treated. Give and you shall receive. Simple facts of awareness is what leads to a more balanced society. The morality of knowledge and acceptance is what makes the world run smoothly.

When we come to realize that the world is just constantly shifting in a full revolution around the sun. We realize that what goes around, scientifically does come back around! Einstein’s theory of relativity studies how energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The energy is just transferred. Choose what type of energy that you want to transfer onto yourself and to others. Be mindful of how the energy you give off is reflected back to you.

Picture the energy that you give off as a white light. You can choose where and who to shine your white light onto. This white light illuminates this person or place and then reflects onto the next. By understanding the Einstein’s theory we can picture that this white light of energy is never destroyed and was naturally a part of us to begin with. Karma is a blessing. Use this idea of karma to benefit you. Be aware of how the energy you give is the energy you shall receive.

Pass along positive vibes and receive positive vibes!

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