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Everyone has predictions about the year 2012 and what it portends. Each culture seems to agree that something momentous is in sight this year, in Chinese predictions it will hold extreme polarity in opportunity, epic successes and fatal failures…

This weekend is Chinese New Year. Their calendar system assigns an animal to each year, rotating through 12 year cycles. There are 12 animals : Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. Further, each animal year is assigned an element, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal. For example, last year, 2011, was the Year of the Metal Rabbit.

January 23, 2012 to February 9, 2013 is the Year of the Water Dragon. Let’s break down what this symbolizes. First, the Water element. Water has the power to give life or become a massive destructive force. It is ever changing, shifting with tides and flowing rivers, carving the world around it. The world is over 70% and humans are over 95% water. Our existence is tied to this liquid, as well as the moon which dictates it’s movement. Next, the Dragon. This is the only Chinese year that is not an earthly animal, but a mystical being. Chinese consider the dragon creature to be enduring, stately, bold, confident, pioneering, generous, eccentric, unpredictable, and untouchable.

All this symbolization surely carries predictions and implications with it. Here is the forecast for our 2012 Water Dragon…

Associated with thunder, lightning and arousal, the Water Dragon embodies creativity at its best. According to tradition, the Dragon brings the Four Gifts of the East: Wealth, Virtue, Harmony and Longevity. The water nature of this year’s dragon is more like a flowing river than a stagnant pond, causing things to move, ideas flow, creativity abound, economies boom, and love blossom in this environment. New love can ignite or old love can rekindle on a spur of the moment. Keep in mind that the dragon is a mythical beast, though, and after the party is over he is put away and saved for the next occasion. This reminds us of his temporary nature and while new love is to be enjoyed, it is also likely fleeting. Because the dragon is the king of festivals, he also blesses any celebrations such as
engagements, weddings and baptisms. Dragon is associated with the Spring season, so things will be off to a fast dynamic start early on. Good luck and opportunities will come very soon after Chinese New Year or Tet. The energetic high point of the year is the Dragon Moon, from May 20 to June 18. New moon is May 20, full moon is June 4 and dragon moon is over June 18. Also on May 20, an Annular Solar Eclipse. The moon will fully eclipse the sun, but when it does so it will be far from the earth, making it look smaller than the sun and leaving a ring of sunlight surrounding it’s darkness. These are incredibly rare, if you can you must watch. May 20 is this Water Ox’s birthday as well…

The Year of the Black Water Dragon only happens every 60 year cycle. The last few Jala Naga years were in 1952, 1892, 1832, etc. Historically, Water Dragon years hold events with long term global political and creative impact. In 1952, Elizabeth II became Queen of England, the US introduced the Hydrogen Bomb and B-52 Bomber, the first successful separation of Siamese twins occurred, and the birth of global leaders Vladimir Putin, Alvaro Uribe, Ahmed Nazif, Idress Deby Itno, as well as creative industry’s Robert Zemeckis, Jean-Paul Gaultier and heaps of actors and actresses. In 1892, the British completed their conquest of Nigeria, Thomas Edison patented the telegraph, Rudolph Diesel patents the diesel engine, 6 future Nobel Prize winners are born, as well as global leaders Josep Broz Tito, Amanullah Khan and Stanislaw Ostrowski, and author JRR Tolkien. The 1832 Cholera outbreak killed over 3,000 in London and then spread to France and North America, the independent Kingdom of Greece was founded, and 1832 gave birth to 2 future Nobel Prize winners, world leaders King Georg I, Charilaos Trikoupis, and creative minds like author Lewis Carroll and artist Edouard Manet.

Worldwide, there are many monumental political events this year which the Water Dragon will be presiding over. In early autumn the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China’s current President Hu Jintao and Premier Wen Jiabao are due to step down, for the only 4th leadership change in China since the communist party took overin the 50’s. In late autumn the United States of America will hold Presidential elections after an increasingly turbulent and public fall from grace over the last 10 years. The French presidency is up for grabs, leaving voters the choice of an inexperienced Socialist candidate, Francois Hollande or the unloved incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy. Arab uprisings in 2011 will have opened the Pandora’s Box for others to occur across Africa and the Middle East.

How can we prepare to welcome this Year of the Black Water Dragon? A few minutes before midnight on January 22, pause to reflect on the positive events of the last year and then give gratitude to the Rabbit. Set your mind to goodness and purity. At midnight, open every door and window in the house. This releases the old year and allows fresh auspiciousness and fortune to enter. On New Year’s Day don’t talk about the past, only looking to the future and the new beginnings in store for you. Through this whole year, remember that the dragon is a Karmic energy, meaning that you get what you give. Give positive energies into your endeavors, you will flourish with success. Give unrestrained love to everyone and it will return to your life tenfold. Give little effort or negativity and it will come back to you like poison. 2012, the year of epic successes and fatal failures…

Some Chinese sayings for the New Year to bring blessings upon those you speak to :

Fushou shuangquan – “May your happiness and longevity be complete”

Dazhan hongtu – “May you realize your ambitions”

Yingchun jiefu – “Greet the New Year and encounter happiness”

Wanshi ruyi – “May all your wishes be fulfilled”

My special wish for you, with all my love and energies :

May you embody the power of the waves, the rhythm of the tides, the deep stillness of the ocean in 2012.

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