It’s Yoga Cincinnati ~ Yoga Garage

Cincinnati, OH

It’s Yoga Cincinnati ~ Yoga Garage

It’s Yoga-Cincinnati follows the classical system of VINYASA YOGA from the lineage of Sri Krishnamacharya, the most acclaimed yoga teacher of the 20th century. Unlike other yoga systems, the scientific arrangement of postures gradually build in difficulty to allow students to safely access their full potential. Accompanied by dynamic breathing, focus, and energy activation, students bring their full attention within as they flow from one posture to another in a moving meditation. This system immediately builds strength and heat as the joints and muscles systematically open and release tension filling the body with energy. Unlike traditional Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga balances the body with both strength and flexibility leading to a balanced healthy and relaxed lifestyle. The effects of the system can be experienced immediately. If regularly practiced, the body becomes strong and light, will power and self discipline develop, while the mind becomes sharp and clear.

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346 Ludlow Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Phone: (513) 961-9642
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