It’s a Revolution

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The Earth is a giant sphere. This sphere continuously spins at a certain angle in a certain direction. Picture a circle drawn on paper. Imagine this circle spinning. Would you be able to see the circle spin? No. That is because it is the exact same diameter and circumference all the way around. Now imagine a spiral, this spiral just continuously spins in one direction. This idea of spheres, circles, and spirals spinning can leave us feeling a little dizzy! What if we applied this idea to our life, do we notice a pattern of repetition or a continuous spiral? When we bring awareness to habits, patterns, ways of living, conditioned ways of being we tend to offer ourselves a new perspective.

Many people have said throughout history that history repeats itself. Spiritual and religious beliefs have stated, a lesson will come to you over and over again until it is learned. Have you ever noticed a pattern in your life where you learn something then it comes into your life so that you can learn even more deeply about the same exact thing? This idea is used in school systems to teach children different topics. They start with a broad overview of a subject then as the years go on that subject keeps reappearing in order to learn the details and depth of that certain subject.

Is there a way that we can apply this to our knowledge of self? Is there a way that we can recondition certain patterns or belief systems we have about ourselves? We tend to have history repeat itself in order to find different solutions to the same question. The day you choose to change and shift this conditioning is the initial step towards that new solution. This spiral has a solution that derives from a difference in perspective.

I find that spiraling from the inside out is the way to guide yourself in life. When you follow this natural rhythm within a continuous revolution of life, you will feel less resistance. I think that trust is the key. The key to unlocking the acceptance of a revolution. Trust you are here for a greater purpose. A greater purpose that is even unknown to the human race but we all feel it. Science and equations give us visual problem solving but the problems we solve within ourself are something that only feeling and emotion can answer. Do you and go with the flow!

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