It Rubs the Lotion On Its Skin – Creepy Cosmetic Truths

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We are always chatting about the Mind and Spirit side of yoga and of course the physical benefits of yoga for the Body, but what about the actual body? Our bodies are like machines, they need specific fuels to run at their optimum potentials and a ton of support products to keep them running smoothly. Its the support products that I want to talk about today. So here’s the scoop. We put way too many toxins on our bodies and usually don’t even know it. I stick to the school of thought that if it says “Natural” on the label, it’s golden. So not true. The laws that regulate the beauty industry are totally undefined and wicked loose. Who knew that my “natural” body lotion had cancer causing ingredients? Good guess, it was me!

As practitioners of yoga we are supposed to take care of our bodies and do everything within our abilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The operative word here is “supposed”. We all have little moments of weakness, but the one area that is totally easy to control is what we put on our bodies. The website that totally rocked my world was Skin Deep, the cosmetic safety database. You can look up all of your body-care products and get the truth behind the ingredients for yourself.  Since Halloween is upon us, I thought it was the perfect time to drop this horrifying truth bomb… Check it out for yourself.

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