Issues in the Tissues

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The practice of yoga is a healing process. We are aligning our physical body with our mental and emotional body with the use of our breath body. All of these parts of ourselves are uniting through our practice of yoga. This is where the term yoga or ‘to unite’ originates from. Yoga has a huge impact on us mentally and physically. We are not only working out our muscles, we are also working out our minds. Yoga trains the mind to control our thoughts using the breath body to clear these thoughts.

Have you ever felt like life’s traumas become a heavy weight over time? We hold onto traumas or experiences in our lives because of the impact it had on us. We feel physical and mental traumas the same way. It’s almost like carving a piece of wood. It appears naturally beautiful in an untouched and organic state. As the chisel chips away at each knick, it looks rough and ruined. As the chiselling process goes on a shape begins to evolve. This process then leads to sanding and smoothing of the rough edges. Our lives can be compared to this chiselling process.

The statue created from this original piece of wood is the end product of chiselling away. We have such an appreciation for these sculptures we see in museums, that are created from an original piece of wood or marble. The beauty of ourselves and the chiselled features we receive over time are what make us absolutely stunning beings. This is not artificial enhancements, these chisels are natural traumas or experiences we have throughout our lives. We need to cherish ourselves as we cherish these wood and marble sculptures we see in the museums, for we too have experienced the rough chiselling process.

When we practice yoga, we practice observing ourselves without judgement. We practice flexibility, mentally and physically. During our practice, it is completely natural to run into resistance. We tend to want to force a posture or force a mindset. We don’t feel flexible and happy all the time. It is acceptable to recognize this in order to move forward towards peace and happiness. I truly believe that there are times in life that we must feel pain and suffering in order to experience true euphoria or happiness. We don’t ask for pain or suffering, but we can accept life as it is.

The healing process that takes place can be compared to the sanding steps of preparing a sculpture. The rough edges of our unhealed being exist within us no matter how hard we try to ignore. The sharp edges are poking us, begging us to notice them so that they can become smoothed and sanded out. When we feel sharp pains during our yoga practice mentally and physically, listen. Your body, mind, and spirit are trying to tell you to witness the pain so that you can heal it. We have to accept our issues in our tissues in order to heal ourselves.

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