Institute For Personal Development, Inc., RYS 500

Hampton, NH

Institute For Personal Development, Inc., RYS 500

Institute for Personal Development, Inc. RYS is a kriya yoga ashram.The ashram is a place of learning and training for the ancient science of kriya yoga, which is a Samadhi-based program that includes Transformational Astrology and the Labyrinth. We offer classes, residential programs, and personal training in any or all of the eight essential stages of kriya yoga.With learning products such as Astrology and the Labyrinth for lifestyle education and self-discovery. Under the care and supervision of Kenneth Toy (Swami Jayananda), discover, learn, and practice one of the oldest and purest forms of yoga–kriya yoga.The programs and products at the Institute of Personal Development (IPD) are nonformidable, practical, and experiential in nature, and are all designed to further develop and balance one's body, mind, and spirit. The advantages to studying kriya yoga under the supervision of a swami become apparent when you move yoga off the mat and into your life.Men and women, young and old, enjoy growing physiologically, psychologically, and spiritually in a positive direction with IPD individual training or group programs. Choose to explore one, many, or all of the eight elements of traditional kriya yoga, and initiate a process in physiological, psychological, and spiritual development. Become happier and healthier than you ever expected possible.

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725 Lafayette Rd
Hampton, NH 03842

Phone: (603) 929-0303
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