Institute for Ecstatic Living

Middletown,, CA

Institute for Ecstatic Living

Integrate yoga, Tantra and spirituality with Tantric yoga, a powerful way to improve the quality of your relationship and loving, and to share gentle exercise with your partner. The Tantric yoga workshops, DVDs, and vacation retreats offer easy-to-learn yoga routines for lovers to increase the flow of sexual, sensual energies; to develop a regular practice for toning; and to balance the body, mind, and spiritÒ€”in and out of the bedroom! Learn Tantra with Steve and Lokita Carter, and Tantric yoga with Satya Marga. Workshops, vacation retreats, and DVDs. Live more ecstatically every moment, and love life!

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Middletown,, CA 95461

Phone: (877) 982-6872
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