Impermanence of Life is a Manifestation of Reality

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All around us we are exposed to “life” as we know it until we are faced with a situation that rocks our world. Good news, bad news or the realization that we have denied the truth creeps in when we least expect it. We could benefit from appreciating these ebbs and flows in our lives but so often we panic or clamp down on familiarity. Stress is good, it gives us something to rub up against. It makes us grow, says my teacher but the perception of stress can be a killer. Dr. Dean Ornish wrote a great book about reversing heart disease and surmised that the leading causes of this epidemic is the perception of stress, and isolation.

At times when life becomes too overwhelming, learn to read to yourself to see if you are feeling too taxed. Ask for some space and time to chill out. Love yourself as much as you try to love others and honor your needs too. Be at peace knowing that life will never stay still, but instead flow like a river, fresh every-time you jump in.

Tricia is a suburban Detroiter, health and wellness supporter and founder of Chakra Chic LLC.   A yoga teacher, mad scientist foodie, counselor and blogger; she shares her love and light with those who don’t even know that they need it. Her classes are built around an exploration of the deeper meaning of the connection that we have to ourselves, are laced with loving kindness and encourage truthfulness. When she isn’t teaching yoga, practicing yoga, or caring for her family, she is concocting in the kitchen, attempts to garden, develops content for her website,  reads and cherishes time with great friends.  You can find Tricia on Facebook, or on her website .

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