Imperfections are Perfections

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Think about the phrase, “You’re only human.” How does this phrase resonate with you? When I think of the human species, I think about intelligence. We are intelligent beings. We are so intelligent that we create our idea of perfection in our brains. This perfection could be completing a task at work, looking, speaking, and acting in a certain way. Perfection is this ideal image that we put on a pedestal. When we don’t reach it due to the unrealistic image we feel even more imperfect about ourselves and the situation. What if we start embracing ourselves and lives for what they are, imperfections and all?

Think about a time when someone slipped and said something funny instead of what they meant to say. These types of moments leave everyone involved laughing and filled with entertainment. These moments when we trip walking down the sidewalk show us that we are not perfect. These moments are so embarrassingly enjoyable because we realize in those moments we are only human. Humans are not the only ones to make mistakes or goof up in life. My cat has accidents and missing her shot at catching the ball sometimes. You can see this slight moment of awkwardness from her realizing she did not accomplish her intention. She shows herself that she too is not perfect.

I think it is time to change our perspective on perfections and imperfections. I think we need to realize that it is actually our imperfections that make us perfect. Our imperfections are real. We are different and unique. We do not look like that person we admire unless we are looking in the mirror at ourselves. Try this trick when you are feeling imperfect. Go stand in front of a mirror and look at your imperfections. Stare at these imperfections and admit each and every one to yourself. Laugh at yourself. Cry with yourself. Smile at yourself. Then look at yourself and genuinely tell yourself that you love you! Realize that your imperfections are what make you human. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. Love YOU.

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