I Did It – Opening a Yoga Studio in the Netherlands

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I did it! I just opened my very, very own yoga studio! I know, this might not sound very yogaproof, but I am so damn proud! I happen to live (oh, karmic wonder) just above my studio and so I tiptoe quite often, I must say, down the stairs just to check if it’s still there. Makes me feel like a five year old all over again; you know, when you just got new shoes and put them beside the bed so when you wake up with that tingling feeling, you can glance at them first thing? Right? Right.
And when.. OH! I didn’t even introduce myself! I’m sorry about my ADHD rambling. Will happen again though. Hereby sorry in advance for all upcoming rambling..

Anyway, my name is Anna Smit, I’m a 31 year old Leo from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and since this is our last year on this marvelous planet of ours (according to the Mayans, surely) I took the chance on opening well, my very, very own yogastudio (I did mention the ‘I’m so proud’ part, didn’t I?)! The name of the studio? Sukha. Means Happiness, Joy and Bliss (and so much more). And that’s my goal, to offer you and share with you some happiness, joy and bliss. So now you know, I’ll be your Asthanga yogateacher for this evening. My four lovely and gorgeous friends will provide the other classes. Think Hatha-, Vinyasa-, Sivananda classes.

It was because of my late grandmother -may she rest in laughter- that I still suffer from Yogafever. It was she who planted that seed when I was a little girl (see mom, it does skip a generation). We used to wake up early and do our practices on the rug in the living room. So here’s to you! My Yogranny. Or Granasana, if you will.

The opening was January 5th, but there’s still some minor stuff to do and as soon as that’s done I will throw a sweet party. You’re invited of course. A very nice thing that’s going to be done will be next week when this anonimous streetartist (yeah, I’m moonilighting as a detective as well) will put/spray this beautiful piece of Ganesha-art on my turquoise wall. I’ll show you the pictures!

For now, have a nice day. Or night. Depending on what timezone you’re at.

Namasté en heel veel liefs (google translate that, love),


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