I Am Not What I Feel

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Our feelings do not define who we are. When we feel a certain way, we are not describing ourselves as individuals. We are actually describing a feeling that everyone experiences. You are not being happy, you are feeling happy! Same goes for feeling sad, you are not being even when you feel sad. Your being is worth entirely more than the emotions that wave in and out of your life. So how can we draw the line between feeling and being?

Emotions are feelings that we experience in situations throughout life. Emotions describe a state of being that we are temporarily experiencing. Feelings are temporary. We shift in and out of happiness and sadness depending on the occasion. Emotions are simply reactions to situations. Feelings are examples of how an emotions is affecting our being. Our being is not defined by a feeling. Feelings are something to be explore. What do you feel right now in this present moment?

No judgement. You may feel tired but you are not always tired. Sometimes your hyper and filled with tons of energy! Maybe you feel curious about why you feel something. Be curious about your feelings, they are the reaction of emotions you are experiencing. Emotions come and go. Curiosity brings us into this present moment. Each moment is a new present moment, that’s why they call it the present! When we observe our feelings and emotions we learn about who we are and how we react to life.

Everyone in the world has feelings and emotions. Animals have feelings and emotions. When my cat, Princess Dagny sees a hummingbird she gets excited! She starts her cat calls to let us know she sees a bird. We need to understand the boundary between feelings and self worth. When we feel sad or down we cannot allow that to consume our self worth. Instead, draw that line for your own sake. We seem to judge and define everything. We need to be gentle with the fact that we are still learning everyday about ourselves.

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