How would you describe yourself to a Forensic Artist?

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If you take the time to realize how hard we are on ourselves, you may realize the extraordinary amount of energy we waste criticizing ourselves. We constantly “not thin enough”, “too thin”, “too tall”, “too short”, “not smart enough”, “not good enough”. Do you every have those thoughts about yourself?

And to bring this around to yoga…are you in class comparing yourself to other students? Do you think that when other students look at you they think that you’re “not flexible enough”, “not strong enough”, “don’t have enough balance”, “doing the pose wrong”? Remember that it is great to strive for a deeper experience, but that true happiness can only come from within. This is true in all of life.

Please watch this video and share this article with someone you care about. We would love to hear some comments as well. This of this video the next time you get dressed.

p.s. and although this video does address a very specific aspect, I think it would equally apply in other places in our lives.

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