How to Sustain a Yoga Pose

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There are five steps that are necessary to hold a yoga pose for a long period of time. The goal is to flow in and out of each yoga pose and to hold at certain times for maximum strength. These five steps will help you to sustain a yoga posture. BRFWA are the five steps. Each one of these steps are important when practicing any posture for any amount of time.


The first step is to breathe. Focus on your breath. Notice your natural breathing pattern and move your body insync with your breath. Surrender your body to the natural flow of air. Uplift your body on an inhale and curl into yourself on the exhale.

Second step is to relax. Try your best to let go of any resistance. Relax into the posture, make micro-adjustments to feel comfortable staying there. Relax your body and your mind. Continue to breathe.

Third step is to feel. Seek what you are feeling in that moment. Notice what you feel mentally and physically within your body. Take in what you feel internally and externally while sustaining the posture. Continue to breathe and relax as you feel.

Fourth step is to watch. Be the witness of yourself. Watch your reactions, watch your internal urge to step out of the posture,Β  and witness your emotions and feelings. Be your own observer. Continue to breathe, relax, and feel as you watch.

The fifth and final step is to allow. Surrender your entire being to that posture. Allow yourself to just be. Allow yourself to maintain that posture. Allow yourself to embrace living in the present moment. Continue to breathe, relax, feel, watch, and just allow!

The concept of BRFWA is to sustain any type of posture with a calm elegance. We all know that sensation when our muscles shaking while maintaining a posture. We have all heard that little voice in our head tell us to jump out of that posture as soon as possible. But when we stop listening to the ego talk and we just accept and hold the pose we see the real results. If you want to build strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, serenity, and harmony within yourself use this technique. Use the five steps, BRFWA to get the most out of your yoga practice!

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