How My Yoga Journey Began

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I was recently asked by a friend “how did I become so interested in yoga?” This question is not easily answered and it invoked a whole chain of thoughts. I am certain that all of us have uniquely personal reasons that brought us to yoga. I am going to write about my own reasons and am hoping that you will share yours with me in the comment section below.

I have always bordered on mediocrity when it came to my personal fitness. It wasn’t that I was a lazy person.  It was more of a lack of hand-eye coordination and all athletic abilities kind-of thing. In grade school I played sports, my choice position was always the bench-warmer. On occasion I would have to leave my comfort zone and come into contact with other teammates and even more horrifyingly, the ball. I learned very early on that I am not to be trusted with flying spheres (i.e the baseball that broke my nose in 7th grade). In college, I found some motivation to take Pilates and do some lite cardio. Once again, I did not want to over extend myself and feel as though a vigorous work out had actually occurred.  It was around then that I really pegged my workout style to be very low impact and involve laying down.

In my thirties is when I discovered yoga. I had heard about yoga several times, but like many newbies I was mortified of the idea of making a fool of myself at the first class. A yoga studio is so much different than a gym, and what if I passed gas as I had often heard about. I am so quick to laugh already, and an instance of flatulent freedom would send me into a school-girl laughter fit.  However, one day while getting my hair colored, my colorist filled me in on everything yoga. She had been a long time student and really made it sound like something I could get into. It was that day, that very moment with Redken 7N on my roots that I decided to take my first yoga class.

My local studio, was small and quaint. It now is a tad larger, more populated, but sill adorable. My first visit in, I awkwardly arrived 30 minutes early and observed the crowd. I watched everyone remove their shoes, and I followed their lead. I watched everyone as closely as possible, to the point of creepiness. I would rather be pointed out as a total creeper then get called out for being a newbie. After about 7 seconds of being in the class and on the mat, I knew that this was for me. I felt completely at peace. It was so odd to go from worked up to complete Zen before  the class had officially started, but its how I felt.  I was home.

I have now been practicing for years, I will not share how many years exactly, but it’s been a while. From that very first class I knew that yoga and I had a journey of discovery to take together, and we have been walking down the road of enlightenment ever since. I hope that you will share your stories with me. After all, we are all on this completely individualized path together.


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