Holy Yoga and Demonic Possession

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“Clearly this poor girl has been dancing with the devil” – My Nana

I grew up with strongly planted roots in the Christian faith. My family is Southern from a red state, so naturally we take a liking to all things conservative. When I saw this video it reminded me of the joys of growing up with such strong closed-minded views, and also of why I ventured off in college to become a fan of world religions and all things liberal.

It is true yoga does have both spiritual and physical aspects. However, yoga can be interpreted on an individual scale by the yogi. Each person can make their own decisions as to what means to them. Just for giggles I did run this video and a few other anti-yoga videos by my Nana (she likes the chance to weigh in on demonic possession issues and to then follow up with announcing that she will need to call her prayer chain immediately for my soul). As it turns out she and several members of my family are raving fans of Pastor Mark Driscoll’s ideas. Oh Nana.

I now have beliefs in many different religions, and believe that we all have the right to interpret yoga as demonic or not. I want to know your thoughts on this topic, please remain open to others views though.

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