Himalayan Pink Salt

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Asia is home to the Himalayan Mountain range. The Himalayan Mountain range stretches through China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and India. Hundreds of millions of years ago, sea salt crystallized within the layers of lava deep inside of these mountains. This layer of crystallized sea salt that formed within was protected by the lava from pollutants over the years thus creating the purest form of natural salt deposit. The color of this salt is pink due to the high concentration of minerals and energy-rich iron content.

Himalayan pink salt is the purest form of sea salt on the planet. It holds over eighty trace minerals that are essential for our body to function. Many diets are ‘low-sodium’, pink salt actually has less sodium than table salt. Pink salt also contains natural iodine unlike table salt that has it artificially added. Table salt is always artificially processed leading it to have absolutely no trace minerals. If you are going to add additional sodium to your food, try your best to only use Himalayan Pink Salt. It is known to actually lower blood pressure!

The benefits that pink salt has on your body are amazing! Himalayan Pink Salt gives your body a balance of electrolytes and increases hydration. Our cells are little factories in our bodies and they need water to function, pink salt regulates the amount of water going into each cell. It helps balance our pH can help reduce acid reflux. Pink salt creates a steady metabolism and improves circulation. This pink salt actually strengthens your bones and prevents muscle cramping.

After learning this information, I know you are wondering where can I get some?! Check out your local grocery store or health food markets are guaranteed to carry it. I suggest purchasing the grinder one ($5-$9) so that each time you add it to your food those minerals are freshly dispersed. I also feel that the grinded version lasts a little longer.

Another Himalayan Pink Salt item that is worth your investment is a lamp. A Himalayan Pink Salt lamp is great for your bedside as it purifies the air. There are many benefits of the lamp some of which are said to help with allergies, improve mood and concentration, improve sleep, neutralize electromagnetic radiation, and deodorize and cleanse the air. This lamp will balance the amount of negative ions in the air, which leads you to feel that same fresh breath of air you take at a beach. I suggest to place it next to your bed or at your desk. The light it shines is really soothing and subtle.

To order Himalayan Pink Salt today click here. If you are interested in a Himalaian Pink Salt Lamp, you can get one here. Try it for yourself and make your own assessment on how it improves your life! Live healthy, happy, and enjoy!

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