Heal with Energy

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We exist from energy. Energy that was not created or destroyed, energy that was transferred between our parents, their parents, and past generations. We hold this life-force energy within our soul. This life-force energy can be known as prana, ki, or chi. This energy exists inside of us, it is the reason we naturally breathe, eat, and sleep. This energy is the reason we are alive! Can we allow ourselves to appreciate this energy? Can we allow this energy to heal and replenish us day after day? This energy is an abundant Universal energy.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. ‘Rei’ means God’s wisdom or Higher power and ‘Ki’ means life-force energy. This energy healing is used by many practitioners to be portals for this Universal energy. Just as Einstein stated, “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.” Reiki uses Universal energy to transfer through the Reiki practitioner into the receiver. This natural healing technique has been around for thousands of years. We all are natural-born healers. We all hold this magnificent gift to heal ourselves and others.

If you want to feel a little skeptical of Reiki healing energy, experiment with a friend what they call the human pendulum. Have your friend stand about ten feet across the room from you. Both of you bring your own palms together at heart center in prayer pose. Both close your eyes. Now say that you are your friend out loud, have your friend say that they are you out loud. Feel the pull? Now stand there and say that you are you out loud and have your friend say that they are themselves. Feel grounded within yourself? Repeat a couple times just playing around with sensation to understand it more deeply.

To really get the full experience of Reiki healing energy, go to a local Reiki practitioner. Read about it for yourself. It is best to keep an open mind when you feel adventurous about trying a new thing. Remember that this technique has been around for thousands of years and it is a sacred practice. There is a reason that people practice Reiki, it heals.

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