Happy Face Yoga – No Tucks or Lifts Needed

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Ever wonder why gravity is such a cruel and unusual nemesis to our faces? Due to my vainness, I often do. I come from a long line of women that are very openly chock full of new plastic bits and freshly stretched skin. So naturally I do not see much harm in a little work here and there. I started botoxing at 23 and at 27 was planning out my new jaw line and perhaps a bit of a cheek lipo job. This was the road that I was totally ready to ride down until I met yoga. Yoga is just as powerful as gravity, but her gifts of transformation are for the better.

Yoga has changed my body, mind, and soul. Luckily for me it has also changed the way I view beauty. I now see how borderline crazy I was for thinking that a fresh face is the result of a good surgeon or hundred dollar face creams. You can imagine my surprise when I also learned that there is an amazing DVD that is all about toning the face and putting the kibosh on any needs for injections and scalpels.

Happy Face Yoga was created by Gary Sikorski and it has been a huge success! Check it out for yourself and get ready to watch the changes for yourself.

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