Get Your Yoga Groove On

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I am a raving fan of SOULFOOD’s music. They’ve created tons of great collections of world beats to accompany life’s many physically enlightening experiences. The Yoga collections are all pretty funky and the tunes definitely help get me in the zone.

The original Yoga Groove features 10 tracks bursting with urbanity and and flow. The trance-creating tracks are listed below:

1) Lotus
2) Chakra Rhythm
3) Dancing Buddha (Love this beat!)
4) Vinyasa
5) Yoga Groove
6) Mantra
7) Union
8) OM (An absolute favorite, so rich)
9) Nirvana
10) Bliss

This musical journey of sweetness is all that is right with modern yoga. Clearly this was spun fresh to bring your groove back to the mat. I hope you love it as much as I did.

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